My Offshore Oilfield Packing List: What to bring Offshore for Guys and Girls


My Packing List

-PPE: Personal Protective Equipment, i.e. Hard Hat, coveralls, steel toed boots, and safety glasses
-Toiletries: vitamins, melatonin for nights when you can’t fall asleep, deodorant, toothbrush, shampoo, body wash, razor, shaving cream,
-Neck pillow for the van/helicopter ride to and from the rig, Sleep anywhere is good
-Aeropress for coffee, grinder, and whole bean coffee
-Kindle and a paper back book
-Clothes: extra socks and underwear, extra pair of shoes and t-shirts, fleece for cold days, workout clothes, they do laundry for you, but they sometimes lose stuff, so bring extras
-Electronics: extra pair of headphones, 1 TB hard drive for swapping stuff with rig hands
-Healthy snack food, icebreakers ice cube gum, sunflower seeds, bag of mixed nuts and dark chocolate.
-Adapter for the European, Korean outlets onboard.
-Fitbit to track steps onboard
-Small notebook to take notes in, or tally book.
-My guitar, for after my shift

Dude Specific:

Dip and cigarettes, protein powders, pre-workout, bandannas, game for the Xbox Live

Girl specific:
Flip Flops for shower, Breathable clothes, boxers, tee shirts for under coveralls, blanket for the unit or the bed, hand and baby wipes, lots of tampons, teas

What you cannot bring:
Knives, Alcohol, drones, guns, chemicals, fireworks.

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Author: bourbonribeye

Deepwater Mudlogger in the Gulf of Mexico

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