My Offshore Oilfield Packing List: What to bring Offshore for Guys and Girls


My Packing List

-PPE: Personal Protective Equipment, i.e. Hard Hat, FR coveralls, steel toed boots, and safety glasses. Extra safety glasses can come in handy.
-Toiletries, vitamins, deodorant, toothbrush, shampoo, body wash, razor, shaving cream, ibuprofen.
-Neck pillow for the van/helicopter ride to and from the rig, Sleep anywhere is good
-Aeropress for coffee, grinder, and whole bean coffee. Tea.
-Kindle and a paper back book
-Clothes: extra socks and underwear, extra pair of shoes and t-shirts, fleece for cold days, workout clothes, they do laundry for you, but they sometimes lose stuff, so bring extras
-Electronics: extra pair of headphones, 1 TB hard drive for swapping stuff with rig hands
-Healthy snack food, icebreakers ice cube gum, sunflower seeds, bag of mixed nuts and dark chocolate.
-Adapter for the European, Korean outlets onboard.
-Fitbit to track steps onboard
-Small notebook to take notes in, or tally book.
-My guitar, for after my shift

-melatonin for nights when you can’t fall asleep

Dude Specific:

Dip and cigarettes, protein powders, pre-workout, bandannas, games for the Xbox

Girl specific:
Flip Flops for shower, Breathable clothes, boxers, tee shirts for under coveralls, blanket for the unit or the bed, hand and baby wipes, lots of tampons

What you cannot bring:
Knives, Alcohol, drones, guns, chemicals, fireworks.

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Author: bourbonribeye

Deepwater Mudlogger in the Gulf of Mexico

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